I didn’t get any of it, did you?

Barack Obama caused the U.S. government to borrow fifteen TRILLION dollars from China. That’s more than ALL of the U.S. presidents BEFORE him borrowed combined! In case there’s any confusion about what that looks like, I’ll write it out numerically for you:  That’s $15,000,000,000,000,000.  Yep, it’s the number fifteen with fifteen zeroes after it. I guess maybe he figured the number fifteen with fifteen zeroes after it had a nice, symmetrical feel to it.

Could he do it without so much of a “mother may I,” from anyone?  You bet your sweet bippy he could and did! I didn’t get any of it, did you? Now, maybe the check’s in the mail, but I sorta doubt it, after all, it’s been more than a year now.  Also I can’t recall ever seeing any explanation about what the money would be spent for, did you?

If anyone out there knows where it went please let me know, or better yet let me know why he’s not in prison or dead.  I don’t have much use for politicians. In my opinion, they all steal, but Obama went way over the top into the stratosphere with his thievery of the American people and he’s still living like a king on the American tax payer’s dime.  Is no one EVER going to ask questions?  Is it really buried that deep?

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