What I don’t know

I’ve often said it’s a good thing that I don’t know the day and hour of my death.  If I did know it, I would do two things: I would even the score with some people who have wronged me and I would rid the world of some people we would be better off without.

That probably sounds a little radical to some people, but isn’t it entirely fair and just? I simply can’t go along with the biblical “Turn the cheek.” Those who have deliberately wronged me deserve justice, not another opportunity to do it again.  Those whose only existence in this world is to bring harm and injury to others don’t deserve mercy, they deserve to be ended.

Yes it’s a good thing that I don’t know the day and hour of my death.


About J. D. Groover

I truely believe that what should matter most in life is how you see yourself, not how someone else tries to convince you to see yourself. *****Life is not about "finding yourself"*****its about creating yourself.!!!!! I write and post things here because I like to think I am contributing some things of value to my world. Some times a little humor, some times things with a more serious tone, but hopefully always in good taste. If what I post occasionally bites a politician in the ass, all the better :>)
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