Which is it?

A few years ago, actually I think it was the 1970s, we had what was then called a “gas shortage.” Our federal government and the news media all loudly blamed it on the Arabs.  They let it be known far and wide that those greedy bastards were just robbing us by withholding their oil so we would have to pay more for our gas at the pump.

More recently, this year, we have yet another “gas shortage.”  This time the blame fell to the Colonial Pipe Line running from the Louisiana gulf coast northward. The media says America has plenty of oil to support its own demand if only that darned hurricane Katrina hadn’t damaged the pipe line so badly that it can’t function at full capacity.

The problem here is that there are still plenty of us old farts around who still remember the first lie that was put out there: “We were totally dependent on those damned Arabs.”  Let’s see, between then and now, did we stop driving so many cars? Or maybe we have more cars on the roads, but our cars are so much more fuel efficient now that we don’t use as much gas?

Actually I believe it’s neither one.  I think the real truth is that the elite wealthy who own the “energy” producing companies know when they can drain more off the common man’s wealth and put it in their own pockets so that’s what they do.  The working class can’t do a damned thing about it either.  They just have to suck it up and pay the price.

Sorry about that media moguls.  Either you aren’t as clever as you think or, perhaps not everyone is as stupid as you think. Some people have lived long enough to remember.



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