I’ve had my fourth heart attack and I’m sill here.  It happened last Wednesday morning.  After I had a nice pancake breakfast, I suddenly developed a very bug pain right in the center of my chest and I made it to the sink before I threw up. “Oh shit!,” I thought, “Here we go again.”

I told my wife, “I think you better call 911.  I’m having another heart attack.” She called them and of course they had me chew up an aspirin and take a nitro tablet while We waited for the ambulance. I think doing that prevented it from becoming a full-blown cardiac event.  I only had to stay two days in the short-term care unit until they let me go home.

so I’m still here and I’m not sure why.  Maybe God still has plans for me.  I don’t know.


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I truely believe that what should matter most in life is how you see yourself, not how someone else tries to convince you to see yourself. *****Life is not about "finding yourself"*****its about creating yourself.!!!!! I write and post things here because I like to think I am contributing some things of value to my world. Some times a little humor, some times things with a more serious tone, but hopefully always in good taste. If what I post occasionally bites a politician in the ass, all the better :>)
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  1. Rod Hiscock says:

    Stick in there Jim. Love what you do.


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