It wasn’t God

Three times evil men who meant to do me harm, died of “natural causes” i.e. heart attacks. At first I thought it was God who was protecting me. Then I realized that God is love and he wouldn’t do that. I know someone who definitely would do that without any hesitation: my dead father.

I have seen enough of people who reached back into this world after they died to know it is really possible for it to happen. I have always felt angst because my father and I were at odds when he died. I wish that we could have been reconciled before it happened.

He was accustomed to violence, he had fought in the World War two in Europe. He killed many people during that time and had been shot himself. We were some what at odds when he died, but he still loved me and he wouldn’t have hesitated to protect me.

Thanks Dad for the protection. Ending those guys at just the right moment is much appreciated.


About J. D. Groover

I truely believe that what should matter most in life is how you see yourself, not how someone else tries to convince you to see yourself. *****Life is not about "finding yourself"*****its about creating yourself.!!!!! I write and post things here because I like to think I am contributing some things of value to my world. Some times a little humor, some times things with a more serious tone, but hopefully always in good taste. If what I post occasionally bites a politician in the ass, all the better :>)
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