Beware the useful idiots!

If you care about the future of your children and grandchildren, read this article.  If you want Government to totally control their lives, vote Clinton.  If you do not want them to live in a totally Socialist society, vote Trump (whether you like him or not).


This has been happening and the American people are letting it happen, primarily because many people are too busy with trivial things that they are oblivious to the ‘master plan’ of liberals .  They are totally destroying our capitalistic system.  The media is ‘totally controlled’ by liberals (except Fox).  They are doing everything possible to destroy Trump.  Look at the coverage of MSNBC and CNN and compare it to Fox News.


If you look at the steps that Alinsky outlined, it is clear that this election will be the last chance to get our country back on track.  While the capitalistic system is not perfect, it far exceeds socialism.  If you want a country that rewards hard work, vote Republican.  If you want the government to take care of you, vote Democratic.  But, eventually if you tax the hell out of successful people, they will leave the country and eventually everyone will live in poverty.  I truly feel sorry for the future generations if they have to live under this kind of government.  WE HAVE A CHOICE—MAKE THE RIGHT ONE!


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  1. Sounds like the End Times


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