Useful Idiots

Vladimir I. Lenin was a Russian communist and politician, who served as Premier of the Soviet Union from 1922-1924. Vladimir Lenin said, “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

Lenin was also the first to coin the term, “useful idiot” to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries, and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that though the person in question naïvely thought themselves an ally of the Soviets or other Communists, they were actually held in contempt by the Soviets.

Hmmm, let’s see, does this remind us of any of our politicians today? Do we have any useful idiots who are advocates of socialized medicine?


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I truely believe that what should matter most in life is how you see yourself, not how someone else tries to convince you to see yourself. *****Life is not about "finding yourself"*****its about creating yourself.!!!!! I write and post things here because I like to think I am contributing some things of value to my world. Some times a little humor, some times things with a more serious tone, but hopefully always in good taste. If what I post occasionally bites a politician in the ass, all the better :>)
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