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The New Welfare States – What The Libertards Can’t Admit

These 11 States now have More People on Welfare than they have Employed! Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reported that in fiscal year 2012, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. Household below … Continue reading

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Whens … It Doesn’t Matter?

If you get upset easily, perhaps you may not want to read this, but go ahead and read it anyway and remember NOT all the people said it didn’t matter! I like to think that of you who are receiving … Continue reading

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The Pope Visits Washington……

The Pope went on vacation for a few days to visit the rugged  mountains of Washington State . He was driving along the campground  when he heard a frantic  commotion just at the edge of the woods. He found a helpless Democrat wearing … Continue reading

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Liberals’ Paradise

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