UNLESS Americans Break Free From Progressives’ Downward Debt & Death Spiral Today!  

by David M. Bradshaw, Publisher, Idea Factory Press



Detroit was to be a workers’ paradise, a symbol of Progressive success. Instead,
it has become a symbol of Big Government failure, corruption, violence and decay. In 2013, after a great withdrawal of more than a million productive residents, once-great ‘Debtroit’ became the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy.

THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL: How the Progressives’  100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends explores why Detroit failed, why other liberal cities may soon follow, and how this could drag America into insolvency and prolonged Depression.

It explores the bizarre Nanny Statist Progressive movement that took power in America in 1913 and has driven America on a “100-Year Detour” away from the ideals of our nation’s Founders and towards the stagnation of Euro-socialist welfare states.

Smith and Ponte, in this their fourth book, look at how Progressivism has used addiction to welfare and easy money, as well as psychological manipulation politics from “crisis-ocracy” and “the herd inside our heads” to the sinister brain science techniques known as “nudge” to win elections, manufacture consent, impose invisible taxes, and control us.

Progressives now feel their power slipping away as Americans are withdrawing from a century of hypnotic control. This, argue Smith and Ponte, is why a desperate Left is turning to naked force – “financial repression,” rule by decree, “regulution,” crony capitalism, seizures and wealth redistribution, and politicized government agencies including the IRS and NSA to keep their hold on government power.

The Good News … About The Bad News!

These power grabs will fail, predict monetary expert Smith and former think tank futurist Ponte, because Progressives are obsessed with obsolete centralization and expansion of government power. Progressives are doomed, even if they cling to power, to rule a nation that their policies have put into an economic death spiral towards a new Dark Age.

The path back to the Framers’ prosperous Constitutional Republic, Smith and Ponte write, will decentralize and return Power to the People via the Internet, 3-D printing, decentralized energy, honest money, small government and individual self-reliance. They offer a road map back to the ideals Americans held before the very alien European ideology of collectivist Progressivism steered our nation off course exactly 100 years ago.

One by one, authors Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte, sweep up the broken pieces of
the shattered attempt by Progressives to turn America into a giant “Debtroit” now…
before it’s too late!

explains how Americans can put a stop to government spending, taxing and wasting
of resources upon a bankrupt ideology, which produces anti-growth economic policies.

As a result of our present political and economic mess, freedom-loving Americans have begun a historic withdrawal march – withdrawing their resources, time and talent in search of a restoration of self, family and smaller government.

Shrinking today’s Progressive federal government will clear the way for fundamental, Constitutionally- correct government and sound money to again thrive to preserve citizen’s wealth for future generations.

Early Praise For The Book: THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL

Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte have done it again! THE GREAT  WITHDRAWAL is another book of slashing insight, cutting through the kudzu of  Progressive thought control to reveal the oldest truth: Freedom works.”

-ROGER HEDGECOCK, Host, Roger Hedgecock Show

Feel like your pockets have holes in them? In 520 B.C. the prophet Haggai provided the first ‘inflation’ definition on record: “Your wages disappear as though you put them in pockets filled with holes.” In THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL Craig and Lowell teach us how to stitch up our financial holes – before it’s too late!”
-RAY LUCIA, Host, Ray Lucia Show

News Flash: We never left the 2008 Great Recession. The American economy is already devastated by debt bigger than our $16 Trillion annual national income! In five short years have undergone the ‘fundamental transformation’ into a European-style Welfare State. Within these pages you will discover key economic solutions to our century-long detour from the free market- small government our Founders brilliantly established.’
-PAT BOONE, Entertainer,

To help Americans prepare for what could be the greatest economic crisis of our lifetime (as well as the greatest opportunity to advance freedom and liberty in our great nation) Idea Factory Press is willing to send you a FREE COPY of THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL to every American willing to read it and then send a one paragraph review of the book. That’s right, FREE! (a $20 value in bookstores!)

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