May 1st – The headlines

May 1st – The headlines below are all within the last 24 hours. Honest. It makes one wonder, what exactly did the Obots (Obama Robots) expect from re-electing their hero?

1) A stronger economy?

a) WA Post: US private employers add just 119K jobs in April, fewest in 7 months

b) Reuters: Nearly half of US college grads are underemployed

 2) Lower taxes?

 WA Post: Analysis of Obama’s budget finds a higher tax burden for most Americans (4/22)

 3) Foreign policy leadership?

a) Fox News: Obama walks back ‘red line’ stance on Syrian government using chemical weapons

b) WA Post: Iraq on the brink –  again

 4) Less terrorism/better security?

a) USA Today: Boston police arrest 3 more suspects in bombing case

b) Daily Mail: Saudi Arabia warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber & finally

 5) Greater transparency? WA Examiner: Issa – New Benghazi hearing will ‘expose new facts’ Obama ‘has tried to suppress’ So only one question remains. What’s more frightening? This disaster of a President or that over 65 million voted to re-elect him? P


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