The Problem With Dieing

When I was a young boy, no more than five years old, I was shot in the head. Even seventy years later, I still remember it quite vividly. I was visiting my Grand mother Eva Groover. It was a cold winter morning.

I was sitting on the floor in front of a crackling fire in the kitchen fire place waiting for Grandma to finish cooking breakfast on the pot bellied cast iron stove. The next thing I knew I was in the bed looking up at Grandma’s anxious face as she wiped blood off of my forehead. Some how a bullet had been swept into the fire place. The heat from the fire had caused it to go off as if had been shot from a pistol.

The bullet struck my forehead knocking me instantly unconscious. Fortunately it was a glancing blow. If it had been half an inch lower,  I wouldn’t be here writing this today.  I think that’s about as close to actually dieing as I have ever been.

Now, as an old man facing the prospect of death by natural causes, I wonder, will it be the same? Will I just suddenly go black and that’s it? Maybe so.  Or maybe I will wake up in a new form to a new life.  Either way it will be interesting.


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Robert Mueller


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Gal Gadot’s Tribute To Hawking

Some people seized Gal Gadot’s tribute to Dr. Hawking as a way to criticize her and find fault. The criticism was stupidly widely publicized by the ignorant main stream media.

Ms. Gadot’s tribute was loving, caring words of praise for a truly great human being, not the ignorant criticism the twisted media portrayed it as being. This is yet another example of the stupidity we are exposed to on a daily basis.

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Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, etc.

I’ve thought about this quite a lot and I think the “Holy” men have it wrong. They stand in their churches or synagogues (or their corners of the sidewalk) claiming to have the knowledge of all God’s creation.  Some claiming that the very souls of their listeners will be saved if they will but come forward and repent of their sins. Saved from what? Why Satan and the fiery pit of hell, of course.

Further, they will be rewarded by “eternal life” in “heaven” a place where the streets are paved with gold and everyone, if they are good, becomes  an angel and sits around playing harps all day. I can only assume the music lessons will be free since I don’t know that many people who already know how to play the harp. Even the tone deaf should be fine with this since they will have all of eternity to learn. I’m speaking, of course, of the religions of most of the western civilized world.  I’m not real familiar with the exotic eastern religions.

Now, stop me if I’m wrong, but if you point at the sky, any where in the sky, indicating heaven, aren’t you actually pointing at the universe?  I mean, scientists have sorta figured out that there are actually billions upon billions of stars and planets “up there.” But no one, as of now, has spotted any streets paved with gold or angels sitting around playing harps.

It also occurs to me that with all the deep drilling and exploration of the earth’s subterranean depths, someone, somewhere should have noticed Satan,  Actually, I think he would be one pissed-off dude for being disturbed by all that noisy shit coming from top side if he were down there.  If he is as bad a dude as he’s made out to be, he would have already kicked someone’s ass for doing that.

I’m not trying to make light of Pastors, Priests and Rabbis preaching, well, then again maybe I am a little, but I will say that the typical Sunday School story, with all its embellishments, from the pulpit is just a little too thin for me.  Further I will not believe that an omnipotent God, the creator of this universe, could ever be explained by mere mortals in such simplistic terms.  It’s just the height of human arrogance to think otherwise.

In writing this I’m not being blasphemous in the least, To the contrary, I do fully and whole-heartedly acknowledge the existence and presence of God in and of this life.  I do not acknowledge the “Holiness” of those guys who dress up in their various costumes  and hats preach the gospel. Many of them make large salaries for working less hours than most part-time jobs in the rest of the world. Of course they want to be seen as “Holy Men,” otherwise they’re out of work.

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CNN & Chris Cuomo

CNN likes to bill itself as “The most watched net work.” That is just an unmitigated lie. It is a well established and documented fact that FOX is the most watched net work.  Further it likes to characterize Chris Cuomo as a reporter who, “Asks the hard questions.” That’s only true if you are mentally retarded.  Cuomo asks questions in a threatening and demeaning tone. None of which have particularly difficult answers. His specialty is to question slow, dull witted people so he can appear to be bright. Lastly, he rarely reports the news, he just editorializes.

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SOTU v. Democrats

Trump’s State of the Union speech was, in my opinion, an excellent forward looking speech. I do NOT consider myself to be a “Republican.”  I am a hard and fast Independent.  I will not EVER permit either party to tell me how to think or how to vote. Having said that, it was a sheer joy to watch Nancy (Sour Puss) Pelosi’s face during the speech.

The cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words was most appropriate.  If Nancy and her crowd hated it, then it must have been right on target.  It wasn’t at all what they wanted to hear because it didn’t serve their agenda.  They want more and bigger government with them controlling it and indeed controlling our lives.

Harry Truman and Franklin D Roosevelt must be spinning in their graves, to borrow yet another cliché. The Democratic party of those two giants has morphed into something that is a disgrace to the institution. Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency went down in flames even though she had huge support from the main stream media and spent more than a billion dollars trying to win.

Trump appears to be trying to do things that will benefit the common working class people of this country, not things that will “grow” the government. That’s what the Party of Truman and Roosevelt did.  I was only a child when Franklyn D. and “Give ’em hell” Harry were in office, but I know their stories well and am grateful for what they did for the country.  At my age, it won’t mean much to me, but I am sure it will help my children and grandchildren if Trump does what he talked about.

As far as I’m concerned, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can both eat s@#t and die :>)


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I didn’t get any of it, did you?

Barack Obama caused the U.S. government to borrow fifteen TRILLION dollars from China. That’s more than ALL of the U.S. presidents BEFORE him borrowed combined! In case there’s any confusion about what that looks like, I’ll write it out numerically for you:  That’s $15,000,000,000,000,000.  Yep, it’s the number fifteen with fifteen zeroes after it. I guess maybe he figured the number fifteen with fifteen zeroes after it had a nice, symmetrical feel to it.

Could he do it without so much of a “mother may I,” from anyone?  You bet your sweet bippy he could and did! I didn’t get any of it, did you? Now, maybe the check’s in the mail, but I sorta doubt it, after all, it’s been more than a year now.  Also I can’t recall ever seeing any explanation about what the money would be spent for, did you?

If anyone out there knows where it went please let me know, or better yet let me know why he’s not in prison or dead.  I don’t have much use for politicians. In my opinion, they all steal, but Obama went way over the top into the stratosphere with his thievery of the American people and he’s still living like a king on the American tax payer’s dime.  Is no one EVER going to ask questions?  Is it really buried that deep?

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